Updater’s top takeaways from NAA Apartmentalize 2023

Atlanta recently played host to the rental housing industry’s premier event, Apartmentalize. This conference brings together industry professionals from all over, and Updater was thrilled to be a part of it. Our goal was to connect with fellow innovators, showcase our awesome Updater Pro | Onboarding solution, and soak up all the knowledge and inspiration in the air. So, let’s dive into our top takeaways from this year’s Apartmentalize!

Embracing the power of technology and innovation:

Apartmentalize spotlighted the growing importance of technology and innovation in the multifamily industry. We attended sessions like “Pets and Technology: The Latest Wave of Multifamily Innovation,” “How Are AI and ChatGPT Affecting Your Operational Functions?,” and “Ask the Experts: Managed WiFi, Bulk WiFi and Connectivity Infrastructure.” These discussions left us buzzing with excitement about the transformative potential of these advancements.

At Updater, we make it a priority to stay up-to-date with emerging technology trends, and the rise of AI and ChatGPT is no exception. We were eager learn more about how these technologies are making an impact in the multifamily industry at NAA Apartmentalize, with key takeaways being: 

  1. Enhancing maintenance operations: Several companies are leveraging ChatGPT to develop innovative maintenance request triage plans. By harnessing the power of AI, these companies are streamlining processes and improving overall efficiency.
  2. Accountability and fair housing concerns: While the potential of ChatGPT is exciting, there are valid concerns about accountability if the technology inadvertently violates fair housing laws. Establishing effective checks and balances becomes crucial to ensure compliance and prevent any unintended biases.
  3. The power of communication: In the AI era, exceptional communication skills are becoming increasingly valuable. Professionals, such as master prompt engineers, who can effectively collaborate and interact with AI systems, will have a competitive edge in the job market.
  4. Shaping the job landscape: AI has the potential to automate and optimize certain job functions, leading to job streamlining or even elimination. However, it also opens up new opportunities for novel roles and positions. PMCs, in particular, can leverage AI’s efficiency to drive growth in various ways such as optimizing maintenance operations or streamlining administrative tasks.

Taking the resident experience to new heights:

You know what really sets properties apart from the competition? Delivering exceptional resident experiences! Bozzuto’s session on “How to Improve the Resident Experience and Beat Your Competition” was not to be missed. Following our recent webinar with Bozzuto’s marketing leaders, we were excited to learn even more about how crucial it is to create a positive first impression and foster lasting relationships with residents. 

Throughout the session, we gained valuable insights that highlighted the significance of collecting feedback at multiple touchpoints along the resident journey. As Tom Bozzuto expressed, “If our customers take the time to give us feedback, we need to take the time to respond.”

One statistic shared by reputation.com caught our attention: a staggering 55% of renters expect a response from the leasing office within 2 hours. This finding emphasizes the growing expectation for prompt and efficient communication with the leasing office, which is currently considered a weakness within the industry. On the other hand, feedback regarding maintenance experiences seemed to be mostly positive, reflecting the industry’s successful efforts in that area.

Personalization and customized learning

We all learn and grow in different ways, right? That’s why we were super excited about the session titled “Training Your Way, A Customized Approach to Intentional Learning.” It stressed the importance of personalizing training in the multifamily industry and providing options for learning. At Updater, we believe in empowering property management teams with tailored solutions. 

Recognizing the prevalence of “Zoom fatigue,” we have taken proactive measures to address it. Our approach involves streamlining webinar durations and offering on-demand video content that equips teams with the necessary knowledge to effectively utilize our platform. Our Updater Pro | Onboarding implementation plan provides a customizable experience, ensuring each company receives the right tools and support to have their teams conquer move-ins like pros!

Boosting brand awareness and making meaningful connections:

Being an exhibitor at Apartmentalize was an absolute blast and we had an incredible time meeting industry pros at our booth. We served up delicious coffee courtesy of LiveWire, hosted fun giveaways, and connected with amazing professionals. It was an opportunity to show off how Updater has continued to innovate over the past year. We’re grateful for all the connections we made — it’s the people that truly make these events special!

Collaboration and networking

Can we take a moment to talk about the great networking opportunities at Apartmentalize? Events like the welcome reception and Thursday night party were fantastic for making new connections and catching up with old pals. We loved sharing insights and bonding with industry professionals who are just as excited to connect as we are. 

The event reaffirmed the significance of technology, resident experience, and collaboration in the multifamily industry just to name a few. We’re thrilled to take these valuable insights and use them to enhance our offerings, build strong partnerships, and continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in the rental housing space. We can’t wait for the next Apartmentalize adventure, where we’ll meet more incredible minds and make even more memories. See you there!