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Property Management Case Study: Fairfield Residential

First impressions are of paramount importance in the property management world. Fairfield Residential – #14 on NMHC’s 2016 list of Top 50 Managers – knows this and sought out Updater to help them streamline the move-in process for both residents and staff. The responsiveness of their staff, the resident having all of the information and documents they need in advance, the resident feeling prepared to move – these prerequisites all have major implications for the overall resident experience.

Therefore, Fairfield fully deployed Updater’s suite of moving tools to all residents moving into and out of each of their 240 properties, leading to the following results over a 6-month period:

Overall Engagement Rate: 70%
Calls/Emails Saved by Residents: 7,048
Hours Saved by Residents: 16,080

...and counting!

The move-in is one of the first interactions that our residents experience at our properties – one that sets the tone for their entire time with us. Updater helps us make a memorable first impression.
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*Stats pulled from the 2016 NMHC 50

Before Updater

  • Fairfield did not have a communications platform to help their residents during the time between lease-signing and move-in, nor did they have a way to help their residents with the actual act of moving.
  • Site teams spent hours of valuable time answering resident questions regarding utilities, cable providers, area schools, and more.
  • Residents often missed key communications from Fairfield’s site teams, causing move-in related issues. Without this information, residents risked arriving on move-in day unable to actually move in.

How Did Updater Help?

  • Upon Fairfield\’s full deployment, Updater leveraged Fairfield's use of Yardi and synced both systems seamlessly, so that residents at all 240 properties were automatically invited to use Updater’s suite of moving tools in preparation for their move.
  • Updater provided Fairfield with training sessions (live and video), custom marketing materials, and a robust resource center (for both corporate teams and site teams) to ensure that they could communicate the benefits of Updater to potential residents. Over the 6-month period, engagement grew to 70%.
  • Within Updater, residents received all of the information needed regarding what utility, cable, and renters insurance providers were available to them, well before move-in, increasing Fairfield’s likelihood of generating ancillary revenue while also helping prevent unnecessary vacancy costs.
  • During a 6-month period, Fairfield saved their residents over 7,000 phone calls and emails, totaling over 16,000 hours on time-consuming moving-related tasks. Those hours would have been spent by residents on chores like securing renters insurance, connecting utilities, forwarding mail, updating many accounts/records, and more.
  • By making important move-in/property-related information readily available to residents within Updater, Fairfield’s site teams and staff streamlined their processes involving responding to various resident questions/comments/concerns, allowing them to focus their time and efforts elsewhere.
Updater is a one-stop-shop for all of our residents' moving needs. It's also a very low maintenance product and has proven to be a great resource not only for our residents, but for our associates as well.
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