What to Tackle First

Set Up TV
and Internet

Transfer your current plan or shop for a new one.

Find a Moving Company

Get quotes from Updater-Certified moving companies.

Rent a
Moving Truck

Want to go DIY? Save 10% on any Penske truck rental.

Estimate Your
Moving Costs

Fine-tune your moving budget with our handy calculator.

What to Tackle First
Packing Guides

Your Ultimate Moving Checklist

Everything you did (and didn't) think of.

Where to Find
Free Boxes

Trust us, you'll need 'em.

Top 50
Moving Hacks

Fifty ways to make packing a breeze.

How to
Pack Food

What to bring, what to toss, and what to donate.

Packing Guides
Settle in Quickly

Schedule a
Home Cleaning

10% off a professional cleaning.

Your Furniture

10% off building your
beautiful new dresser.

Paint a Room

10% off quality
painting services.

Hang Your TV

10% off a TV mounting

Settle in Quickly
Update Your Info

Update Your
Driver's License

All the info you'll need, in one place.


Transfer Your

Get it done early and arrive at your new place stress-free.

Who to Notify
When You Move

Tell the whole world! But start here first.

Update Your Voter Registration

It's your civic duty, and it's easy. We're here to help.

Update Your Info

More Moving Tips, Tricks, and Advice

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