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Apps for Moving: The Only List You Need

Moving soon? Get organized with our free moving checklist.

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From tracking your finances to delivering your groceries, there are a variety of apps available to ease the stresses of life during your move. With all of the options out there, sifting through them can be a real headache. Who has time for that? We understand that you’re busy (you’re prepping for a move after all) so we went ahead and gathered the best, most useful apps for moving. Take a look and get ready to download!

Apps for Moving You’ll Want Before Your Move

Apps for Moving: 6-8 Weeks Before Your Move

Around this time you’ll be sourcing moving checklists, figuring out your budget, and paring down your belongings for the big move. You’re going to want apps for moving that help you stay organized and prepared. Here are the best choices out there to do just that:


This productivity app is a lifesaver when it comes to preparing for your move. Create to-do lists and set up reminders to keep you on schedule. Need help moving? You can delegate tasks and share your lists with friends and family to keep them in the loop as you move.


Moving expenses can spiral out of control quickly without a clear budget. With Mint, you can create different budgets for each aspect of your move and track your spending as you go. Time can also slip away when you’re moving, but Mint reminds you when payments are due so you don’t have to worry about any pesky late fees, making Mint an excellent app for moving without overspending.


MagicPlan is a useful app for moving your furniture. Not sure what will fit into your new home? Create a 3D floor plan with MagicPlan and decorate the digital rooms from your phone. If you aren’t an illustrator don’t worry, your phone does a lot of the work. Simply upload photos of your new space (as specified) and the app will calculate its dimensions, leaving you more time to decorate.

Apps for Moving: 4 Weeks Before Your Move

One month to go! Around this time you’ll want to pare down your things and take inventory of what’s left. eBay is still thriving, but it no longer rules the e-commerce space. With these apps for moving, you can easily advertise and sell your unwanted items from your smartphone. To be fully prepared for your move, update your mailing address, transfer utilities, and set up TV and internet service. The next few weeks are going to fly by, so it’s best to set this up early. Here are the best apps for moving without extra boxes and with all the amenities you need:


Won’t need that snow blower when you move to LA? Sell it on Letgo! Letgo is a great app for moving which also makes you extra money off of your unwanted items. All you have to do is set up an account, take a few pictures of the items you want to sell, add the price, location, and a brief description and you’re good to go!


If you don’t have the time to hold a garage sale, you can still sell your excess clothing. ThreadUp buys high-quality clothing and accessories and resells them online. The best part? All you have to do is put your items in the FedEx bag they send you and drop it in the mail. They accept clothing from 35,000 brands, so there’s a good chance they’ll buy what you’re selling. If not, they can donate it for you and send back the tax-deductible donation receipt.


From comics to signed jerseys, Boxes is a great app for moving or selling all of your collectibles. Moving to a smaller home? Organize and sell or store your collections with Boxes. After creating your account you can personalize your own profile page to showcase your collections and connect with other fans and collectors. You never know, they could live in your new area!


This app for moving is beyond helpful. Easily create a visual inventory of your home for your in-home estimate or your own peace of mind. The app helps you decide exactly what you want to keep and what you’re willing to part with. Amazing, right? There’s more. This dynamic app for moving also helps you keep track of your items with QR labels and searchable tags. Gone are the days spent hunting for the cheese grater. With Sortly, you know where every item you’ve itemized is.


Sure, we might be biased but Updater really is the best app for all things moving. Update your address and subscriptions, transfer utilities, set up TV and internet service, book a moving company all from your smartphone, just to name a few. We take the pain out of these tasks and free up your time for other things (like creating your moving-day playlist).

Apps for During Your Move

1 Week Before Your Move

Alright, it’s crunch time! This last week before you move you’ll want to disassemble and pack up large items such as your bed frame, fill in any holes left in your walls, stop grocery shopping, and start cleaning your current home. Here are the best apps for moving to check off these last-minute tasks:


Need help taking that dining table apart or repairing those old light fixtures? Make sure your home is move-out ready and in mint condition with the help of TaskRabbit. Embarking on a DIY move? Their vetted taskers will even help pack up your things and load your moving truck.


From carpet cleaners to interior painters, Thumbtack has a database of qualified local professionals for hire. This app is helpful for moving confidently. Whether you’re trying to get your security deposit back or covering your bases as a seller, Thumbtack provides access to the skilled professionals you need most.


Don’t have time to clean before you leave? Handy has your back. Among a variety of other services, you can hire professional cleaners to get into the nooks and crannies of your current (or new) home.


So you stopped grocery shopping last week, but supplies are running low. Before you run out to the grocery store or splurge on the takeout, grab your grocery list and explore Foodkick. Browse their online food store and even throw in a bottle of wine if you’re feeling it. Whatever you order, they promise to deliver in as little as one hour.

Apps for Moving Day

Congrats, you made it! The big day is here and it’s all about convenience. Delicious food, good music, and a simple commute will make this moving day your most pleasant yet. These are the best apps for moving without sacrificing your entire day:


After a full day of moving, you’re bound to be hungry. Thankfully, this app is great for moving and scouting out the new food scene. Browse local restaurants and read their reviews online. With a few clicks, you can order straight from the menu and have everything delivered to your door.


Getting back to the moving playlist we mentioned. Spotify is the best app for moving with great tunes. Create your own playlist, listen to collections curated by your friends, celebrities, or Spotify itself.

Google Maps

You may not be aware of just how useful Google Maps is until moving day. Save gas by keeping an eye on traffic and leaving at the right time. You can also calculate your commute and your proximity to restaurants, train stations, and local businesses in your new neighborhood.


Yelp is a great place to find real reviews for just about anything. What makes it a must-have app for moving? Well, by the end of moving day you’ll be on the hunt for food. Rather than scouring the streets for a good dinner spot, do a quick search on Yelp before you even leave the house. Along with written reviews and photos, you can check the restaurant’s hours, menu, location, and price range.

Apps for After You Move

Getting used to a new area takes time. It can be weeks or even months before you start to feel at home. Between stocking up your new kitchen, decorating your living room, and making new friends, you’ll have a lot on your plate. Use these apps for moving, after the dust has settled and you’re making your new place a home:


Delivering everything from paper towels to groceries and alcohol, Postmates is soon to become your best moving buddy. If you forgot to pack light bulbs for your new lamp, or need to stock your new pantry but don’t have time to trek to the store, build your shopping list online and have it delivered via Postmates.


Decorate your home commitment-free with the Wayfair app. Unsure how to furnish your spare bedroom? From futons to rugs, this app lets you shop around and create your own visual room. Try their 3D viewing option to see furniture from all angles. When it comes time to place your order, Wayfair’s Day of Delivery service lets you track your order in real time.


Houzz is a home decor app with an online shop for you to buy furniture that fits your new home. Its vast housing inventory ranging from large and small appliances to furniture and decor make Houzz a valuable app for moving. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, shopping for your new bathroom tile, or looking for a reputable contractor, Houzz has you covered.

Angie’s List

One of the first things to do as you settle into your new home is to seek out any local businesses you might need. Is your car needing serviced soon and you have to find a good mechanic? How about an urgent care center or pharmacy? Chances are, you’re going to need these someday so it’s best to have a few trusted options at hand. Angie’s List makes it easy to research and book the best-rated businesses in your new area.


This app is an amazing resource when building connections in your new area. Nextdoor is a digital social network for your neighborhood so you can easily keep up with local events, get recommendations from neighbors, and remain aware of any criminal activity. Did your cat run out after the moving team left the door open? Post a picture and a note on Nextdoor to help bring her home.


If you’re looking for a reliable app for moving with your pet, Rover provides a range of services including dog walking and boarding. They understand that pets are part of the family so they put a lot of care into selecting trustworthy dog walkers and sitters. You can get to know different sitters before you book them and keep tabs on your pet while you’re away.


Dying for a date night in your new area but don’t know where to find a sitter? Bambino helps you find a trusted babysitter by connecting you with the childcare professionals your friends recommend. You can select a sitter based on their experience level and availability and can trust that they come highly recommended.


Love Harry Potter and looking for a binge buddy? Meetup connects you to people who love the same things you do so you can get involved and make friends in your new neighborhood. With so many opportunities to expand your social circle, Meetup is an invaluable app for moving to a new area.


Peanut is a female-centric app created just for moms that brings mothers together. Much like dating apps, mothers can swipe through profiles, chat, and get matched with like-minded moms in their area. Are you a mother? Connect with other moms in your new neighborhood to chat, join events, and connect as women.

Apps for Moving if You’re Still Looking

Haven’t quite decided where you want to live yet? Try these apps to find your dream home or neighborhood:


An excellent app for moving, Zillow helps you find your dream home by searching neighborhoods, browsing pictures, comparing mortgage and rental prices, and researching school systems. You can browse at your own pace and save the homes that resonate with you. If the budget is your top priority, Zillow’s mortgage calculator and Zestimate (Zillow’s estimated market value) are useful tools to judge affordability.


Ever wonder where your ideal neighborhood would be? AreaVibes helps you do just that by ranking places on a livability score based on seven factors including: crime rates, education, amenities, and weather. You can customize the search based on your own priorities. So, if you’re willing to sacrifice the cost of living for a quality school system, AreaVibes will find a neighborhood that fits the bill.

Now that you’ve found the best apps for moving, you’re ready to tackle your best move yet. So, grab your moving checklist and enjoy how much easier moving is with a little help from technology. Are we missing any apps you think we should include? Let us know in the comments below.

Moving soon? Get organized with our free moving checklist.

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