Innovations During a Pandemic: An Update for Our Partners

Last year was a year that felt like a decade. Despite the turbulence and unpredictability, we did our best to continue innovating and building for the future. We’re hopeful that our work last year will make moving easier and less stressful for your clients and residents, and drive increased value for your business. 

Here’s a selection of our most celebrated moments in real estate innovation from the last year. And, from all of us at Updater, we wish you safety, health, and peace in this new year.

More movers were wow’ed by Updater

We know customers expect personalized experiences – think how personalized your Bitmoji is or how Coca-Cola put your name on their bottles this year. It makes you feel good. 

This year, we worked to personalize each of your customers’ experiences within Updater:

  • Because moving is a journey over a loose period of time – guidance is needed. Think about the last time you moved – it can be hard to know where to start. In 2020, we introduced a lifecycle email campaign that’s curated for each of your customers. The campaign guides them through the items that need to be checked-off their unique to-do list, and at what point in time. The emails provide an ongoing conversation with each of your customers to bring Updater’s features and tools directly to them at the right time. The campaign proved to be so helpful that revisits and app logins increased by over 70%.
  • We also added move-specific personalization to our Updater invitations, increasing the number of your customers who leverage Updater by 30%. You probably noticed a jump in your stats in early 2020. If you haven’t logged in to your corporate dashboard recently, check it out here.
  • We upgraded our main dashboard, layering in the personalization of to-do’s based on what each customer exactly needs. For example, if she’s moving into a community that requires renters insurance and has a preferred renter’s insurance partner, we now prioritize our insurance step and prioritize the preferred partner. Showing exactly what each of your customers needs, for their unique move, delivers that wow factor immediately. Email your Success Manager to see this in action.

More partners gained value from Updater

John F. Kennedy once said, “As they say on my own Cape Cod, a rising tide lifts all the boats.” A partnership between our companies provides benefit for all parties and we generated quite a bit of value for our real estate partners this year.

  • Our property management partners have the ability to customize Updater with their preferred television and internet partnerships (if you haven’t, do this now). We respect the time you’ve taken to build out preferred vendor partnerships and believe in leveraging them to the fullest. This year, we added your preferred partners to a new mover dashboard UI, to our mover lifecycle emails, into beta SMS text messages campaigns, and we even worked with select local sales representatives in your communities to ensure our promotion of your chosen provider is omnichannel. When your preferred television or internet company is loaded into Updater’s system, your residents purchase that provider more frequently than when shopping outside of Updater. It’s proven that residents are more likely to make the selections you care most about when presented with a curated experience within Updater. Generate more revenue from your existing marketing agreements and tell us about your preferred providers today.
  • Shopping for things is part of moving. Therefore, our goal is to provide a frictionless experience for comparing and purchasing products. When movers only see one television provider, for example, over 75% of movers will bounce out of Updater and Google all available providers at a new address. However, when we display multiple providers – an honest market view – over 70% of movers will proceed on toward a purchase within Updater; and, of those customers who purchase, over 75% chose a package from the preferred provider. Overwhelming feedback from movers proves that they want to see all available providers before selecting one; however, they also want to know which provider their community recommends. We increase the adoption and purchase of your preferred providers by curating, displaying, and optimizing market views across every Updater feature. Honest market views build trust with your customers, and contribute to higher engagement and better results for all parties.
  • The pandemic created unprecedented opportunities to live in new places. Americans moved to care for loved ones, because of a job lost or gained, because remote work is possible, because mortgage rates are the lowest in decades, because rent in the largest cities dropped, and so much more. These new migration dynamics introduced striking migration patterns, some of which even surprised us. So, we published some of our most exciting findings on moving trends. If you’re curious about what’s happening on the ground in your local market(s), email your Success Manager for a local move in/out analysis or click here to view our findings published by media outlets nationwide.

Thank you for your partnership throughout 2020 – we hope your customers experienced smooth moves with Updater. And, as always, we encourage you to contact your Success Manager with questions, feedback, ideas, and concerns at any time.