Congrats Updater, You’ve Turned 6!

This month, Updater officially turns 6 years old! We’ve accomplished so much in such a short period of time — meeting incredible people and forming amazing relationships in the process. Though we’ve made our fair share of mistakes along the way, we’re proud that we’ve built a product that eases one of the most stressful life events — moving. 

In honor of all that we’ve accomplished, here’s a look back over our past six years.

We stood by our principles

After six years of challenges, accomplishments, and growth, we’ve learned a few key lessons about the relocation industry and life. Here are a few of the most important pieces of wisdom we’ve gained, and the mantras by which our team lives.

Put movers first

During our six years in business, we’ve never forsaken our mission to streamline the moving process for the millions of Americans who move each year. This is why we build transformative technology to help our users organize and complete all moving-related tasks within our platform.

Because every move is unique and should be treated as such, our technology delivers a curated moving experience for each user. Our partners trust Updater to deliver a phenomenal experience for their relocating clients and residents — a responsibility that we take very seriously.

Surround yourself with amazing people

Our founder and CEO, David Greenberg, loves to say, “At Updater, we hire the best possible people, then get out of their way and let them do what they do best.” Over the past six years, Updater has done just that. We pride ourselves on hiring individuals who are leaders, whether it be in the property management industry or in data science, and everything in between.

This incredible wealth of experience has put us in a unique position to develop the most robust and helpful product possible. It also makes for an incredible work environment — never ceasing to be a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. Updater was born from the singular frustration of moving, but has grown (and continues to grow) due to the dedication and passion of our team, revolutionizing an entire industry by solving problems that affect millions every year.

Do what you say you’re going to do

Life is full of people (and businesses) that say they’re going to do one thing, then do another. That’s just not us. At Updater, when we set a goal or make a promise, we follow through and exceed expectations. We value our partnerships, the movers who use Updater, and our relationships in all of the industries in which we operate. Our commitment to bringing value to all parties in the relocation ecosystem is unwavering. You can hold us to that, and we ask that you do.

A few of our many accomplishments

We IPO’d!

In December 2015, Updater became the smallest VC-backed tech company – with only 25 employees – to ever IPO on a global market. Our IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:UPD) was considered unusual at first, but positioned our company to scale and has proven to be one of the smartest moves we’ve made (pun intended). Read more about why we went public and how the move transformed our business, in Entrepreneur.

Our IPO plus additional fundraising brings our total funding raised to just under $100M. We’d like to thank our investors who’ve come along for this exciting ride: Thorney Investment Group, Fidelity International, SoftBank Capital, IA Ventures, Commerce Ventures, and Second Century Ventures, the strategic investment arm of the National Association of REALTORS®.

We acquired two leading software companies

In 2017, Updater acquired two of the most successful moving industry software companies, launching a new division of Updater called MoveHQ. This partnership bolsters our current solutions for moving companies and provides our users with the industry’s first and only fully digital moving experience.

We partnered with over 1,000 real estate companies

In the past six years, Updater partnered with over 1,000 real estate companies, including brokerages, property management companies, mortgage lenders, title insurance companies, relocation companies, student housing providers, and more. We’d like to thank the teams at each and every one of these companies for your time, support, and belief in our mission.

Our integration platform was a home run

Over the past six years, Updater has rolled out integrations with dozens of moving, property management, and real estate brokerage software companies. We are dedicated to providing the best integrations for our clients, making the Updater onboarding experience as seamless as possible. Thank you to all of our software partners and to every engineer who worked on these integrations.

We moved, a few times!

We believe in making moving easier, it’s in our company’s DNA. And like many growing businesses, we’ve moved a few times ourselves. Curious to how a moving software tackles their own moves? Here are a few candid (and fun) moving pics of our own!

A few never-before-seen pics

To round out our ode to our first six years, here are a few of our favorite, silliest and most heartfelt team pics. We’d like to give a big shoutout to all our clients, partners, industry friends, and of course our employees. Updater exists because of you, and for that we say thanks!