Utilities: Build Brand Loyalty by Delivering Moving Peace of Mind

5 Stars: Increasing Brand Loyalty

Building brand loyalty is always top of mind but it’s increasingly apparent that customers place a high value on reputable companies that are able to deliver products and services at a high level of customer satisfaction.

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that people rely more than ever on their homes for everything from work to school to entertainment. For utility companies including energy service providers, one of the most critical points of contact is when a customer moves from one address to another, either across town or across the country. 

The “move journey,” as it’s known, can be both stressful and expensive for a consumer. There are so many details to attend to: a new grocery store, new pharmacy, new internet and cable provider, new home security service – just to name a few. The move itself may entail a myriad of decisions and purchases that include everything from new carpet to new appliances and so on. 

It’s easy to see how trusted business partners can make a difference during such an eventful time for your customers. And, it’s a clear opportunity to build brand loyalty or reinforce your reputation as a trusted and reliable partner, not just for energy services but for a wide range of services that your customer needs and wants. 

Increasingly, progressive energy providers are working with moving service and concierge companies like Updater to deliver outstanding services and products to their customers. 

Moving consumers begin their interaction with Updater early in their move cycle, typically as early as 90 days in advance of the planned move date. Using Updater’s Mover App, people can organize and complete all moving-related tasks. 

Updater can help utility companies build brand loyalty and support moving customers in two core ways

  • Early insight of a consumer’s upcoming move date is valuable for energy providers, who can proactively and intelligently communicate with movers via Updater, helping them establish service so that everything is in place once the movers arrive and they settle into their new home. Reach out to us to inquire about joining Updater’s energy marketplace and integrating with our platform.
  • Beyond setting up utility service within Updater, we can also provision moving services and a comprehensive moving concierge program for your customer care team. Our software is flexible and can conform to many types of customer care programs, helping your team offer ancillary non-meter products and services like home warranty programs, internet services, and security services, to name a few. 

Not only will you save your customers time on the phone with multiple service providers, but you will enhance your reputation and efforts to build brand loyalty. At the same time, the various service offerings will help you build and grow a non-meter source of revenue, which is an important consideration for any energy provider. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we view our homes and the kinds of services that are essential to keeping us and our families safe, healthy, connected, and comfortable. Now is an opportune time to enhance your brand, and your bottom line. 

Learn more about how Updater’s solutions can help increase your customer’s brand loyalty here.