Updater Pro | Onboarding Summer 2023 Product Update

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Hey there, multifamily pros! We’re back with some exciting news for all our Updater Pro | Onboarding users. We’ve been hard at work, listening to your feedback and rolling out some awesome new features to make move-ins smoother than ever. Get ready to save time, enhance the resident experience, and take your move-in process to the next level.

If you’re not yet using Updater Pro | Onboarding, now is the perfect time to get in touch with us and unlock the platform’s full potential, including these exciting new features.

Let’s dive into the details:

In-App Vehicle Registration:

  • We’re all about convenience, and that includes vehicle registration. Say hello to our in-app vehicle registration feature, designed to simplify the process for both residents and your team.
  • Choose your option: Whether you prefer linking out to a third-party registration portal or having residents register directly in the app, we’ve got you covered.
  • Keep everything synced: All vehicle information added by residents will automatically sync back to your property management system, ensuring accurate records at all times.

Assurant Integration:

  • Hassle-free insurance purchase: Residents of properties requiring renter’s insurance can conveniently purchase Assurant’s industry-leading renter’s insurance directly through the Updater app.
  • Automatic documentation sync: When residents purchase Assurant renters insurance via Updater, the proof of purchase is seamlessly synced back to your core property management system, eliminating manual handling of documentation.

PetScreening Partnership:

  • We love our furry friends! That’s why we’ve partnered with PetScreening to make pet approvals a breeze. Outsourcing the pet risk assessment and validation process has never been easier.
  • Ensure compliance with ease: Let PetScreening handle the heavy lifting when it comes to pet policies. Drive greater compliance and create a pet-friendly and responsible environment for your residents.

ResMan Writebacks:

  • Our expanded integration with ResMan now offers two-way communication, saving you time and effort.
  • Boost team efficiency: With a single dashboard, you can send welcome letters, track move-in progress, and take immediate action. No more back-and-forth, just smooth sailing.
  • Delight your residents: Updater Pro | Onboarding provides a seamless move-in experience, reducing the time residents spend on required tasks. They’ll be ready to move in on the same day!

Bulk Task Management:

  • Say goodbye to tedious task reviews! We’ve streamlined the process, allowing you to review multiple tasks at once. No more juggling individual tasks – it’s all right there, on the same screen.
  • Enjoy a clutter-free view: With tasks consolidated in one interface, you’ll have a clear overview of what needs attention, making it easier than ever to stay organized.


  • Enhanced Navigation: Workspace replaces the previous “Inbox” tab and offers a streamlined interface for managing resident onboarding tasks.
  • Organized Task Management: The new Workspace includes three tabs – Invite Tasks, Resident Tasks, and All Tasks – to help leasing teams prioritize and track progress effortlessly.
  • Task Filtering: Easily filter tasks based on time frames (2 days, one week, two weeks, or one month) to focus on the most time-sensitive moves or plan ahead for upcoming work.

Calendar View:

  • We know how important calendars are to keeping things on track. That’s why we’ve introduced our new Calendar View, specifically designed to help you stay on top of your game.
  • Get a day-by-day agenda: Easily navigate through your residents’ move-ins, sorted by their lease start dates. Stay in the loop and prioritize those time-sensitive moves.
  • Click and access: Need more info about a resident? Simply click their name, and their profile pops up in a new tab. It’s quick, it’s convenient, and it keeps you in control.

We hope these updates have you as excited as we are! If you’re already using Updater Pro | Onboarding, get ready to level up your move-in process. If you’re not part of the club yet, reach out to our team and discover how Updater Pro | Onboarding can revolutionize your move-ins.