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What’s the Best Internet for Veterans?

Companies like Xfinity, AT&T, Verizon, and Optimum offer high speed internet, reliable connectivity, and plans designed to fit a variety of budgets. These internet service providers (ISPs) also offer discounts for veterans that are looking for an affordable internet plan.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about what each of these ISPs has to offer veterans, what others are saying about the companies, and where each provider excels so that you can find the perfect internet package for your needs.

The big players


Verizon offers wireless internet that utilizes their 5G network, as well as fiber internet referred to as Verizon Fios. This ISP offers several low-cost plans, especially if you are also a 5G mobile customer. For example, Verizon’s 5G Home Internet is only $25/month if you enroll in automatic payments and also have Verizon wireless service. There are also savings on Fios internet for veterans—you can save $15/month on a Gigabit connection (940Mbps), $10/month on the 500Mbps plan, and $5/month on the 300Mbps plan. Plus, Verizon does not require new subscribers to sign a contract.


Xfinity offers a lot of different options for residential customers in three distinct regions across the US. This flexibility can make it easy to pick a plan that fits your budget, especially since the lowest-tier plans range from between $19.99 and $45/month for up to 100Mbps, depending on your location. While Xfinity doesn’t currently offer a recurring discount on internet plans for veterans, they do offer a one-time $25 voucher that can be applied to your bill.*


AT&T has earned consistent recognition for offering some of the fastest internet plans. Their standard package offers up to 300Mbps of download speed and a newly launched plan tops out at a whopping 5000Mbps. What’s more, AT&T offers an exclusive discount to military families and veterans. Through this program, veterans and family members get a discount of $15 per month on select service plans. When this discount is combined with AT&T’s affordably priced fiber internet plans, you could be looking at a low monthly price for very fast internet service.


Optimum internet is primarily available in four states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Although its geographic footprint is small, the company offers internet service to more than 66 million households. A key perk of Optimum is that the ISP offers cheap internet for veterans who receive either federal or state public assistance. Through the Optimum Advantage plan, veterans can get a 50Mbps internet plan with no data caps for $14.99/month.

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Key considerations

When trying to determine the internet plan that suits you best, it is a good idea to consider what attributes are most important for your specific situation. For example, you may be concerned about good value for the money, fast and reliable speeds, or whether or not you have to sign a contract.

Best value

When it comes to internet service that provides the best value for the cost, it is important to look at a combination of factors. This includes reliability, speed, monthly costs, and whether or not a discount is available for veterans. Optimum internet is a good choice here, as they offer reliable connectivity, good speed, and a low-cost internet plan for veterans at just $14.99/month. One caveat here is tied to availability, which is limited to the four states that Optimum currently services.

Fastest speeds

Speeds can vary significantly depending on the ISP’s connection type and even your location. Therefore, it is important to get a detailed look at what speeds are offered in your general area before committing to a specific provider. However, AT&T is consistently recognized for offering speeds up to 5000Mbps and is working to expand their fiber internet coverage. For customers outside of AT&T’s fiber internet coverage area, Xfinity internet offers speeds up to 1200Mbps for customers in the Central, Northeastern and Western regions of the US.

Contract commitments

Contract commitments are a requirement with some ISPs but in recent years many have shifted toward no-contract internet options. If you’re not keen on committing to service for the long term, it will likely be important to find a contract-free ISP. AT&T, Optimum and Verizon Fios plans are all contract-free which gives you the freedom to make a change if and when you need to. While Xfinity customers in the Northeastern US won’t need to sign a contract, if you live in the Central or Western regions Xfinity plans do require a 12 month commitment.*

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What others are saying


“This program [from Optimum] includes eligibility for people 65 and older who receive SSI, and US military veterans receiving state or federal assistance. The no-contract internet plan features up to 50Mbps download speeds for $15 a month. It also includes discounted installation, unlimited data, and a free modem/router combo.” —CNET


“Verizon can lean into the fact that you’re not required to sign a term agreement, which means no early termination fees or getting stuck with a service you’ve either outgrown or need to downsize. But there are also many offers to help sweeten the deal for potential customers.” —CNET


“AT&T offers nearly nationwide coverage, affordable pricing, and solid download speeds—though navigating the company’s labyrinth of plans can feel unnecessarily complicated.” —ZDNet


“Comcast Xfinity offers high-speed options for people who need them and affordable fiber internet options on a budget, though the best prices require at least a one-year contract.” —ZDNet

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Internet for veterans FAQs

Which ISPs offer internet discounts for veterans?

Several ISPs offer discounted internet plans for veterans, including Optimum, Verizon and AT&T. Other providers, like Xfinity, may offer a one-time discount or special, time-limited promotions.

Are there other discount programs that can help veterans get affordable internet access?

Lifeline veteran discounts may help you pay a portion of your internet service costs. The Lifeline program offers a $9.25 discount off monthly internet bills to veterans who receive a pension from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Xfinity and Optimum are two providers that honor this discount, but it’s worth checking with other providers to find out if they will also honor the Lifeline discount program for veterans.

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*Pricing varies by location and availability. Speeds may vary. All prices subject to change; for current pricing and availability visit our internet service page. Prices as of 3/1/22.

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