What are the Best TV and Internet Deals?

Whether you’re moving to a new place or are just in search of cheap cable and internet packages, bundling internet and TV services will simplify your bill under one provider. Plus, you’ll enjoy the cost savings and other incentives many providers offer for bundling. While there are plenty of providers out there, the big question is: which offer the best TV and internet deals?

Xfinity and Spectrum provide some of the top internet and TV bundles available today, boasting high internet speeds and a wide variety of TV channels. We’ve compiled information about what these big players have to offer, key considerations, expert reviews, and answers to frequently asked questions to help you find a great TV and internet deal that meets your unique needs.

The big players


Xfinity offers three internet and TV bundles with speeds up to 1000Mbps and more than 220 TV channels. Customers are rewarded for bundling with a $10 discount on every added service. This means you can save $20 each month when getting Xfinity internet and TV services together.


Spectrum’s TV and internet packages are great for movie watching. They offer internet speeds up to 940Mbps and access to more than 200 TV channels. You can cut $5 a month off their internet rates if you bundle with Spectrum’s TV service. Spectrum also provides a free modem (valued at $5/month), and there are no data caps or yearly contracts.

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Key considerations

When looking for the best internet and TV deals, you need to consider several things. For instance, which provider offers the fastest speeds? Does one provider offer good internet, but have limited channel options? It’s important to know which provider comes out on top in these key areas.

Fastest speeds

While getting a discount on your internet and TV service is the goal, sacrificing the speed of your internet connection may not be the right choice. Even the cheapest internet and TV package from Xfinity offers speeds up to 50Mbps and 10+ local channels, making it suitable for small households.

Number of channels

Along with super fast speeds, you’ll want your provider to offer tons of channels, especially the ones that you watch regularly. If you’re a movie or sports lover, the Spectrum Silver and Gold packages are a real deal for you, as they include HBO Max, SHOWTIME, and the NFL Network.

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What others are saying

You’ll find tons of different opinions on the best TV and internet deals, but Xfinity and Spectrum consistently get high marks from reviewers.


“Finally, a decent discount for bundling internet and TV.” – CNET


“Spectrum is best for customers looking for a traditional bundle of internet and TV service.” – US News & World Report

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TV and internet deal FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about TV and internet deals.

Which provider has the cheapest TV and internet bundle?

Xfinity has TV and internet bundle options for as low as $20/month.

Are internet and TV bundles cost-effective?

Most providers like Xfinity and Spectrum offer a monthly bundle discount. However, other providers, like AT&T, Cox, and Verizon Fios currently do not. Even if no discount is available, choosing to get TV and internet service from the same provider may still save you money by removing or combining installation and equipment costs.

Is it possible to bundle TV and internet services with different providers?

If you choose CenturyLink or Frontier, you’ll be bundling internet and TV with different providers, as these two don’t offer stand-alone TV services. Instead, they partner with national providers such as DIRECTV and DISH to offer bundles. However, there currently aren’t any bundles that combine internet from a fiber provider and TV from a different cable provider.

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