Updater Announces Office Expansion in New York City

We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our office space in New York City to accommodate our growing team!

The expansion doubles the size of our headquarters at 19 Union Square West to 18,600 square feet. We currently occupy the 12th floor of the building and the expansion will cover the entire 6th floor as well, housing nearly 60 additional employees. The 6th floor’s planned open floor plan mirrors the look and feel of our current space on the 12th floor. 

Recruiting and retaining top talent is a top priority for our team, and our location in Union Square provides a strategic presence for us in the fastest-growing technology neighborhood in Manhattan.

We sat down with Updater’s VP People, Lindsey Dole, and People Experience Manager, Ashley Lunsford, to chat about the new space: 

Q. Why the expansion now?

LD: We currently have about 75 employees based in NYC and are overdue for additional space as we like to target around 55 people in a given space. At that size, we’re able to effectively collaborate in our shared conference rooms and lounge areas, and it gives us a few extra desks to keep empty for our remote employees when they come to NYC for a visit! Our hiring plans also call for additional NYC teammates, so the extra space is needed for growth as well as comfort and flexibility.

Q: What was most important to the team in determining a layout and design of the new space?

AL: Our current conference room setup is quite tight, meaning they’re almost always booked and we have to prioritize room usage. Therefore, maximizing the new space with both large conference rooms and solo “phone booth” type rooms was make-or-break.

Q: What design elements of the new space are you most excited about?

LD: I can’t share just yet because it’s a surprise for our team, but there’s a very unique welcome lounge coming to this new space. You’ll have to come see it!

Q: Has anyone considered installing a firepole from the 12th floor down to the 6th to avoid the elevators?

AL: Haha! We discussed it, but we’d have to slide through other offices, so it probably won’t work. 

Please enjoy a few pictures of our current space while we build out the new one!